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Betty Jones

Betty Jones' journey to health wasn’t easy. Her initial symptoms caused some confusion amongst her doctors, and she stayed in the hospital for three weeks while her blood sugar levels normalized. In 2016, she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, a condition she manages with regular visits to Methodist South's Whitehaven campus.

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KTG Memphis

Located in the northern part of Uptown, KTG USA is not a spot one immediately considers when thinking about anchors of the north Downtown neighborhood. Situated between a variety of businesses, from the stables for Downtown’s carriage horses to concrete manufacturers and metal recyclers, the KTG USA paper mill is squarely positioned in a purely industrial part of town.

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Underground Uptown

There’s an eight-foot drop into the drainage ditch behind St. Stephen Baptist Church at 503 North Third Street that is accessible only after jumping a short chainlink fence. Five of us have chosen to venture into the underground Gayoso Bayou. We took a short walk through the open-air ditch to the first decision we made — which of three tunnels to proceed through.